Playstation 4, PS4 pro, slim – 1TB Harddrive upgrade / replace repair service




This service replaces your existing harddrive with a new or refurbished 1TB drive so you can install more games. We don’t transfer data.

(note: If your console is not working or dead do not buy this service.)

  • Click buy it now and pay. We will send you address details to send to.
  • Package up the console only, no leads no controllers etc. Make sure sufficient packaging is used. It is your responsibility for this and what delivery service you use.
  • Make sure your name, phone and or email address, delivery address details are included in the parcel so we can send it back when fixed or notify you if there is any issues.
  • We will upgrade your console as soon as we have it. We will notify you of the status of the repair. When fixed we will ship it back to you. Return postage is included in the price.
  • We will either bin or send back the older drive depending on what you want.

Your console will have a security sticker applied to prevent tampering and fraud.

If there are additional faults or if the console is dead we will not attempt any repair and send back the console with partial refund i.e. fee minus p&p.

If you require a different type of repair please ask a question and we will do our best to get back to you.


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